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Naturist Massage in Paris 11th

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 Tantric initiation discovered: Massage is a form of naturist massage that focuses on awakening energy and stimulating energy points in the body. It aims to balance energies and foster a deep spiritual connection. The discovery of tantric massage, gentle and sensual touches, from140€

The Divan - Sofa tantra

Tantra sofas have their roots in the ancient practice of Tantra, a philosophy and way of life that dates back over 5,000 years. Tantra is a spiritual path that encourages the individual's union with the universe. Tantra sofas were created to facilitate the practice of erotic tantric postures, which promote relaxation, the awakening of the visual senses and the exploration of intimacy. from 220€

The mystery

Naturist Massage Reciprocal Hot oil massage, on the client with his hands, forearms and feet, creating a strong sensation is known to be extremely sensual,  exploration of sensitive areas, Reciprocal massage is a unique technique in which two people massage each other, creating a shared experience of well-being. This approach offers many benefits, both physical and mental. from 150€

The Signature Drunkenness

Drunkenness is a massage created by Suiteroom-spa. The mix of our best Suiteroom-spa massage from 350€

The privilege

Massage with candles, oil and The frost Nakedru : originating from Japan and is characterized by the use of a special gel based on marine algae. The masseuse applies this gel to her body and then glides over the client with her hands, forearms and feet, creating a strong sensation that is known to be extremely sensual,

Improved blood circulation: The heat of this gel stimulates blood circulation, promoting the delivery of oxygen and essential nutrients to the body's tissues for deep and soothing relaxation. from 200€

4-hand or couple massage


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