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Suiteroom-spa charter

Suiteroom-Spa specializes in well-being and naturist massage. The concept is to do well
so that clients come out of the salon relaxed with a deep feeling of well-being.
The brand works in a state of mind and respecting ethics specific to 
naturist massage around respect for nudity. 

Suiteroom-Spa massages are massages consistent with the naturist state of mind and
sensual: we thank you for only selecting our services by choosing this ethic
of life, motivated solely by a desire for well-being.
SuiteroomSpa stands out from all its competitors practicing naturist massage thanks to the
respect for behavioral rules specific to the practice of nude massage. 

We ask that you observe the greatest verbal and physical courtesy towards
your masseuse.
We invite you to consult all the pages to better understand our services, you can also contact us by telephone or via whatsapp text during opening hours we give you clear and precise information

So that the Suiteroom-Spa services are not misinterpreted, you have the free choice to ask the masseuse to assist more on the legs, back, stomach, arms, neck, feet, arms, torso, head.
Our massage room is equipped with a camera (not recorded) no refund will be possible after the service, you are free to stop your service if it does not suit you after 15 minutes you will be fully refunded.  

Suiteroom-Spa's naturist massages are purely aesthetic and in line with the
naturist philosophy, but in no case can it be for therapeutic, medical or
sexual. You have full responsibility for your belongings in your cabin. No object or
accessories are not allowed in the establishment. 
Before and after each massage, clients are invited to shower. 

Customers are therefore not permitted to request any form of touching or
touch to modify our services, without possibility of reimbursement. Any massage is
carried out with mutual respect and the contact between the client and the masseuse must not have as
sole purpose than relaxation. No modification is possible in the form or pricing
of our services. 
Any deviation from these rules will immediately result in the termination of the service by the 
practitioner and without the possibility of reimbursement would imply the cessation of the service, as well as definitive exclusion from the establishment.NO SEX




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